Civil Litigation

boxing ring and gloves

In some cases, a dispute cannot be resolved outside of court. This is true whether it is a dispute between a contractor and client, neighbors, or business associates. When a successful resolution cannot be met, sometimes the only option is legal action.

Whether you have been informed that someone is filing a suit against you, or you are considering filing a lawsuit, having an attorney who will serve as your advocate is imperative. In these stressful circumstances, you want someone who will inform you of your options, protect your rights, and vigorously advocate for you in court.

At the Law Office of Pahoua C. Lor, we know the decision to file a lawsuit is never easy. We also know that facing a lawsuit can be very traumatic. In either case, we are here to help. We will make sure you understand your rights, and we will put forth our best effort to ensure the greatest outcome on your behalf. Contact our office at (559) 840-2780 and let us help you through this process.