Family Matters

Families trying to deal with serious disputes and marital problems often find themselves in the middle of a bitter legal process full of anger and emotions. Attorney Pahoua Lor can help by explaining the family law process while protecting you and your family’s best interests.  She works closely with her clients to understand their goals and help them get through difficult legal situations. She treats her family law clients with the respect they deserve and works diligently to find acceptable solutions for sensitive family matters.

Working with the other side to bring about a global resolution

Contrary to what you may think, working with the other side can yield positive results that maintain health and happiness for the family, especially your children. You may not realize this, but Courts prefer agreements between the parties and do not like to step in to tell families how to raise their children or divide their assets. In working with the other party, Attorney Pahoua Lor will provide you with aggressive representation while maintaining civility to ensure that your interests and those of your loved ones (children) are carried out.

When you need answers, the Law Offices of Pahoua C. Lor is here to help

If you are experiencing family tension and disputes contact the Law Offices of Pahoua C. Lor for a consultation. There are solutions and we are here to help bring the results you want. Call today, at (559) 840-2780.