Housing/Tenant Law

Housing/Tenant Law

California housing laws exist to protect both landlords and tenants. However, landlords often overstep, and fail to protect tenants. There are instances where a landlord may attempt to evict a tenant when they are unable to do so. A landlord may also fail to keep the property well-maintained resulting in hazardous conditions for tenants, or in some cases, they may unlawfully deny a potential tenant housing. In those cases, you should seek help in understanding your legal rights.

Tenant Defense Against Unlawful Detainers

In California, an action to evict is known as an unlawful detainer suit. The most common reason for eviction is nonpayment of rent. However, in some instances, tenants may be excused from paying rent. These circumstances may include when the landlord has failed to make needed repairs or the landlord has charged excessive and unlawful fees. These are possible defenses to eviction.

Habitability of Units

Your landlord has an obligation to ensure your home remains habitable. This includes dealing with pest infestations, leaks, or any hazard which could render the unit unsafe. In instances where this is not occurring, you have the right to file a suit against your landlord or take them to court to compel them to make the needed repairs. This is one of the times when having an attorney who is well versed in California housing laws can help.

Housing Discrimination

Landlords cannot discriminate in offering housing. Discrimination laws prevent landlords from having policies which deliberately exclude certain populations from renting their property. If you believe you have been unfairly targeted, contact us immediately.

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