Personal Injury

car accident

When you are involved in an accident, the future may seem uncertain. You may not know how long you will be out of work due to your injury, or whether you will suffer any long-term physical issues. Of course, it is also reasonable that you may stress out about finances and wonder how you will pay your medical bills.

In these high-stress situations, we have seen injured parties place their trust in the insurance companies only to discover later that the insurance adjuster’s role is to protect the insurance company. Unfortunately, this realization may come too late and may have serious consequences against the injured parties including inadequate compensation.

Don’t trust the insurance companies to act as your advocate. At the Law Office of Pahoua C. Lor, we strongly recommend not speaking with an insurance adjuster and answering anything beyond the basics of “I was in an accident and need to file a claim.” You probably don’t know what rights you have, and the insurance company is counting on that lack of knowledge to save them money. Rather than settle for less than you should have to, contact us after an accident at (559) 840-2780 and we will fully explain your rights and options.